Looking for an opportunity to help London's homeless community?

Volunteers with The Hot Choc Mob making hot drinks for the homeless on London's streets

Join us for our next Hot Choc Mob Meetup in Central London!
We're a friendly group of volunteers who meet regularly to engage with the homeless community on the streets of London. Our purpose is to interact with rough sleepers and other vulnerable members of society, while providing hot drinks, food, clothing and a chat!

Volunteers with The Hot Choc Mob making hot drinks for the homeless on London's streets

The Hot Choc Mob's main objective is to create a little warmth in the lives of people whose daily existence can be a struggle. We seek to approach all those we meet with an open-minded spirit of empathy and solidarity, and are not affiliated with any charity or religious ideology.

Volunteers with The Hot Choc Mob with homeless man's  street dog on London's streets

We go out in groups, led by one of our walk leaders, for an hour or so each time, during which we will share the provisions we have and talk with/listen to those we meet.
If you're new to the group, we promise a warm welcome and that you'll be going along with an experienced walk leader.

Hot Choc Mob Volunteers with bags of donated goods for London's homeless community

It's not at all necessary to bring anything along, but if you'd like to, things that are appreciated include soft food (because many of our homeless friends have dental problems, hard food like apples are best avoided) juice, water, and socks.

Hot Choc Mob volunteers with rough sleeper's dog making hot drinks for the homeless in London

You can find out more and join our group at


Hot Choc Mob volunteers making hot chocolate for the homeless on a London street

We look forward to seeing you at our next mobbing!

Hot Choc Mob volunteers with donated hats for London's homeless community
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