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Posing Guide

Bring your photography to the next level with the must-have posing guide! This comprehensive guide is perfect for both photographers and models, offering multiple sketched images to help you create stunning and dynamic shots.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this guide provides essential information on how to pose your subjects to bring out their best features and capture their unique personality. The simple line drawings make it easy to understand and apply, no matter your skill level.

Each page of the guide is filled with black and white sketched illustrations covering body positioning to create engaging and impactful portraits every time.

Sketched images simplify the subject, making it easier to see the lines and angles that define the pose. This aids in understanding the pose and being able to recreate it, as well as highlighting the key elements, such as the placement of the hands, feet, and head, without distractions from the subject's clothing, background, or other elements.

This guide is an absolute must-have for any photographer or model looking to improve their skills and produce stunning images. Order your copy today and start capturing beautiful, dynamic shots with confidence! 

If you would like to order a PDF copy of the posing guide
(including hundreds of poses)
for $3.00 please use the PayPal button below and remember to include your email address.
Your PDF will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Photography Posing Guide Cheat Sheet
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